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Camera boosts responsivity; Microcamera produces color; Imaging system is hand-held; Board computer offers processor choice

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Th Acfdc0
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Camera boosts responsivity The Eclipse single-output linescan camera delivers 100X greater responsivity than existing units. Available in 512, 1024, and 2048 resolutions, this bidirectional camera uses a 512 x 96, 1024 x 96, or 2048 x 96 time-delay and integration sensor, respectively, runs from a single voltage (12-15 V), and provides programmable gains and offsets. At line rates to 64 kHz, it delivers 8-bit RS-644 LVDS data at selectable speeds to 40 MHz. Built-in processing for fixed-pattern noise/ pixel-response nonuniformity correction compensates for nonuniform lighting and optics degradation. DALSA Inc.,Waterloo, ON, Canada N2V 2E9; (519) 886-6000.

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Microcamera produces color The GP-KS1000 color microcamera head features a 830 x 970-pixel, 1/2-in. CCD that provides 560 lines of resolution and a signal-to-noise ratio of 54 dB. The head comes in a 17-mm diameter by 42 mm long cylindrical housing without a lens. Features include 8-bit digital signal processing, auto/manual electronic shutter, built-in full-field color bars, and vertical and horizontal edge enhancement. Four user-selectable files can store and retrieve camera application settings. Optional cables come in 2-, 3-, 3.8-, and 10-m lengths. Panasonic Industrial/Medical Group,Secaucus, NJ 07094; (201) 392-6674.

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Imaging system is hand-held The portable DC-10 QwikStore imaging system attaches to rigid or flexible borescopes for inspectors to view, freeze, store, export, and e-mail images. Inspectors can perform close-up parts checking and view images on an integrated screen that uses a sun visor to eliminate glare. Pushbuttons enable system operation and control. It comes with a FlashPath card and adapter for transferring images to laptops. When used with the company's Eye-trek glasses, the system provides views comparable to those seen on a 52-in. monitor. Olympic America Inc., Melville, NY 11747; (516) 844-5888.

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Board computer offers processor choice The CPBI CompactPCI single-board computer comes with either a Pentium III 850-MHz or Celeron 600-MHz processor. Its 440BX AGP- set supports the system/memory bus at 66 and 100 MHz. Dual PCI EIDE Altra ATA/33 interfaces permit synchronous DMA mode transfers to 33 Mbytes/s. Two dual-in-line memory-module sockets support auto detection of SDRAM memory to 512 Mbytes. Ultra2 SCSI interface bursts data to host at 80-Mbyte/s data transfer rates. Other features include FIFO serial ports, floppy interface, parallel port, and two USB 1.0 ports. Trenton Technology,Gainsville, GA 30504; (800) 875-6031.

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Card links linescan cameras The HORIZON 4-LC interface board offers Wintel interfacing for digital linescan cameras with LVDS or RS-422 output formats. It accommodates monochrome, color, single-line, and TDI cameras with single- and multitap outputs. Four 8-bit differential input channels are supported for as many as four 8-bit synchronized digital linescan cameras at 40 MHz (RS-644) or 30 MHz (RS-422). Data formats of 8, 10, 12, 16, or 24 bits are supported with customized software. Controlled camera- setup parameters include exposure time, line frequency, pixel frequency, and area-of-interest size and position. i2S,Niskayuna, NY 12309; (880) 842-7872.

Board packs multiprocessors The 32-bit FastImage 1300 board uses up to four Philips TriMedia 1300 processors that can each provide 667-720 MFLOPS and 833-900 MIPS peak. Each processor comes with 8-16 Mbytes of 572-Mbyte/s SDRAM and can deliver 2.6-3.6 GFLOPS. Image acquisition is achieved by one of four selectable composite NTSC/PAL video streams and up to four digital or three analog video streams generated by line- or area-scan cameras. The board can be configured to accept three asynchronous RS-170 inputs or one RGB input. Two Channel Link ports and continuous composite S-video NTSC/PAL output and SVGA video output are available. Alacron Inc.,Nashua, NH 03060; (603) 891-2750.

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Frame grabber makes monochrome The M-vision 510 monochrome PCI frame grabber digitizes video and transfers digital data at 132 Mbytes/s to system memory or directly to a VGA card. It captures composite RS-170/CCIR and noninterlaced video from progressive-scan cameras. A phase-locked loop and adjustable digitizing range allow a wide dynamic range for gain and offset with less than 3-ns jitter. The board is PCI 2.1-compliant and supports scatter/gather under Windows 3.x/95/98/NT so that addresses can be generated and stored and one interrupt per field/frame serviced. A software developer's kit, TWAIN and MCI drivers, and DirectDraw software are supported. MuTech Corp.,Billerica, MA 01862; (978) 663-2400.

Camera reduces size The 1/3-in. three-CCD DXC-390 color video camera measures 2.2 x 2.0 x 5.0 in. and weighs 13.1 oz. It offers 800 lines of resolution, a 62-dB signal-to-noise ratio, and 10-bit digital signal processing. The three-CCD sensor incorporates the company's Exwave HAD technology (380,000 effective pixels) to achieve f/8 at 2000-lux sensitivity and 20-dB smear. Other features include: shutter speeds from 1/100,000 s; RS-232C interface; RGB, S-Video (Y,C), and VBS outputs; and various color-contrast and detail-enhancement controls. Sony Electronics Inc.,Park Ridge, NJ 07656; (201) 930-6357.

Smart camera is programming free The intelligent ZiCam 648 x 648 8-bit monochrome digital camera provides a neural-network-based ZISC chip that eliminates the need for a PC or frame grabber. It offers a parallel-processing architecture that performs multidimensional nonlinear classifications to define up to 74 categories of inspection criteria for parts storing, presence and absence detection, parts and feature identification, and label and character verification. Built-in PCMPCI microdrive can store up to 800 VGA images. The 1/2-in. progressive scanning interline transfer CCD imager contains 9.0-µm2 pixels. Other features include 60-Hz noninterlace scanning, a 50-dB signal-to-noise ratio, and asynchronous electronic shuttering to 1/32,000 s. The camera measures 71.5 x 71.5 x 163.3 mm and weighs 812 g. Pulnix America Inc.,Sunnyvale, CA 94089; (408) 747-0300.

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Frame grabbers run in real time The PC-LineScan series of frame grabbers speeds machine-vision tasks with an expandable architecture that supports real-time processing, run-length encoding, flat-field correction, flexible field-programmable gate array capability, and a plug-in expansion module for custom designing specific applications. The frame grabbers can provide image acquisition to 32 Mbytes of on-board memory at up to 256 Mbytes/s and continuous transfers to system or VGA memory at rates in excess of 100 Mbytes/s. Other features include two optocoupled trigger inputs, two RS-232 ports, and an OPTO22-compatible parallel port. The boards are software-supported by the company's MVTools, IFC SDK, and Camera Configuration. Imaging Technology Inc.,Bedford, MA 01730; (781) 275-2700.

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Software models in 3-D The TracePro 2.1 optomechanical 3-D solid-modeling software can model thin-film stacks, gradient-index materials, and temperature-dependent material and surface properties. It contains ACIS, a CAD modeling kernel at its core, enabling compatibility with more than 70 CAD-based programs. The program can perform stray-light, illumination, and optical-system analyses. Thermal-emission modeling allows calculations of radiative heat transfers for infrared systems and modeling of blackbody and incandescent sources. Other features include export of IES and LDT files, bitmap source converter that creates source files from BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and MOV image files. Lambda Research Corp., Littleton, MA 01460; (978) 486-0766.

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Printer offers dual ports The 9315CTP thermal-imaging printer provides SCSI and parallel interface ports. It produces high-resolution, photographic quality, gray-scale images from digital imaging data onto various roll-fed media. Software drivers cover DOS, Windows 95/98/NT, Macintosh, and Sun Microsystems host computers. Alden Electronics Inc.,Westborough, MA 01581; (800) 225-9492.

Camera delivers wide dynamic range The miniature Blinc smart camera uses the company's proprietary active-pixel-sensor CMOS technology to achieve a 110-dB dynamic range—more than 100 times the dynamic range of typical cameras. It moves from power-down to image capture in less than 1/10 s, works in still image and 30-frame/s video capture, offers digital and analog outputs at 640 x 480 VGA resolution, and measures 1.2 in.2 x 1-in. deep. An on-board real-time 16-bit digital signal processor performs automatic contrast detail enhancement. The camera operates on a single 3.3-V supply and needs less than 70 mJ to capture a frame. Sarnoff Corp.,Princeton, NJ 08543; (609) 734-2040.

Camera runs in dual modes The CV-M40 progressive-scan camera can be controlled by a rear-panel DIP switch or an RS-232C interface. The interface provides control over partial scans from 30 to 480 lines and two trigger modes-edge-preselect and pulsewidth control. The latter control allows dynamic and continuous control of shutter time. Frame-delay readout mode permits simultaneous multicamera capture by multiplexing the camera outputs into one single-input frame grabber. The RS-232C interface is supported by company-supplied software. JAI Camera Solutions,Copenhagen, Denmark, (+45) 4491 8888.

Camera uses CMOS sensor The 3 x 4 x 8-in. Phantom 4 digital camera comes in color or monochrome versions and uses a CMOS sensor and electronic shuttering to 10 µs. Its offers 512 x 512-pixel resolution and runs at rates to 1000 frames/s. Via a software interface, camera operation can be changed to 128 x 128-pixel resolution at 32,000 frames/s. Other features include a 100,000:1 blooming ratio, IEEE-1394 (FireWire) interface, 256 Mbytes of image memory, Windows-based software support, 28-V power supply, and operation with 63 other cameras via a PC-based control system. Instrumentation Marketing Corp.,Burbank, CA 91506; (818) 842-2141.

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Industrial computers pack power The RAC6155-SM and -SL industrial computers provide Pentium III 550-MHz processors, 512 Mbytes of RAM, and passive-backplane motherboards. Model -SM contains two processors, nine ISA and ten PCI expansion slots, optional hot-swappable RAID1 SCSI hard drives, and multiple power supplies. Model -SL offers the same hardware but comes with one processor. Both computers work in Windows NT-based applications. Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, WI 53204; (414) 382-4329.

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