Irida Labs Partners with Renesas Electronics for AI Vision Sensor

March 17, 2022
The new Vision AI Sensor is intended for smart cities and spaces.

Working closely with the Renesas team, Irida Labs has integrated its platform with Renesas’s RZ/V2L family to jointly release the Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces.

This Vision AI Sensor for Smart Cities & Spaces is a plug-and-play Edge AI hardware and software solution that drives the new era in urban area management. Based on the core functionalities of accurate, Vision AI-powered vehicle, object, and citizen detection, the sensor comes with the intuitive dashboard for data visualization, AI analytics, or connectivity to third-party apps.

Among the supported Vision AI-powered applications are 24/7 traffic monitoring, smart parking space occupancy, vehicle detection and classification, LPR, parking lot zone management as well as pedestrian flow monitoring while safeguarding citizen safety, quality of life, and accessibility to public spaces in full anonymity and privacy.

VISION AI at the EDGE turns a camera into a vision sensor that does all the AI processing at the endpoint using RZ/V2L. No Cloud is necessary. It’s compact size allows easy integration with existing software stack via industry standard MQTT protocol. 24/7 analytics allow fully automated, unsupervised, and privacy-preserving traffic and pedestrian flow monitoring and analytics around the clock.

Applications include smart cities and spaces operations and analytics, smart grid/energy saving, smart lighting, intelligent transportation, citizen safety, and citizen quality of life & accessibility.

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