3D Sensor for Beverage Container Inspection

May 17, 2022
Suited for inspection of beverage cans and bottles

AT - Automation Technology’s compact sensor C5-2040CS 3D has a resolution of 2,048 points/profile, speed of 25,000 profiles per second, and viewing width of 100 mm. The sensor is compatible with GigE Vision and GeniCam interfaces. The 3D sensor has a large field of view that allows it to react flexibly to the position of a beverage container on a conveyor belt. Its high accuracy allows a very detailed 3D point cloud to be determined, which detects even the smallest deviations from the norm. The sensors are designed for 24/7 operation. The company says the sensor suited to inspecting carbonated beverages in both cans and bottles, reaching a cadence of several million containers per day.

To Learn More:

Contact: AT - Automation Technology 

Headquarters: Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Product:C5-2040CS 3D

Key Features: GigE Vision and GeniCam compliant, 25,000 profiles per second, 2,048 points/profile

What Automation Technology says:

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