Smart 3D Confocal Sensors with Dual-Axis Design

May 20, 2022
The sensors generate 3D topography, 3D tomography, and 2D intensity data simultaneously.

LMI Technologies launched the Gocator® 5500 series of smart 3D line confocal sensors with next-generation on-sensor IIoT vision Web-based software, onboard measurement tools, and native I/O connectivity. Gocator® 5500 sensors feature a dual-axis design that delivers simultaneous generation of 3D topography, 3D tomography, and 2D intensity data. This allows the sensors to scan practically any material type, including multilayered, transparent/translucent, curved edge, shiny, textured, and mixed materials. The sensors generate 1792 data points/profile at scan rates of more than 10 kHz with PC acceleration. Depending on the model, FOV is 4.3 to 17 mm, clearance distance is 7.78 to 60.75, and measurement range is 1.1 to 5.5 mm. Gocator® 5504 and 5512 models are available now, while the Gocator 5516 model will be available later in 2022.

To Learn More:

Contact: LMI Technologies

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Product: Gocator® 5500 Series

Key Features: Dual-axis optical design, Simultaneous generation of multiple profiles from multi-layer structures, Generates 1792 data points/profile

What LMI Technologies says:

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