3D Laser Profile Sensors Released

Feb. 8, 2023
The 3D profile sensors address high-speed inspection applications such as electric vehicle batteries, rubber and tires, roads, and food processing,

LMI Technologies has released the Gocator 2540/50 laser line 3D profile sensors with scan rates up to 10 kHz. Features include the following: up to 10,000 profiles per second including 3D measurement, up to 518 mm FOV, up to 0.064 mm X resolution, and up to 1.2 microns Z repeatability. Users can setup and control the laser line profilers via a web browser or software development kit.

After scanning, Gocator outputs a single, high-density 3D point cloud ready for measurement. 

The profilers are suitable for high-speed 3D measurement and inspection of a variety of manufactured materials including shiny machined-metal EV batteries and consumer electronic assemblies, various web materials, hot-rolled rail track steel, as well as low contrast materials such as black rubber tires.

To Learn More:

Contact: LMI Technologies

Headquarters: Burnaby, BC, Canada

Product: Gocator 2540/50

Key Features: Up to 10,000 profiles per second including 3D measurement, Up to 518 mm FOV, Up to 0.064 mm X resolution.

What LMI Technologies says: View more information on Gocator 2540/50.

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