New 8K Image Sensor Launched

June 15, 2023
Image sensor is designed for logistics applications

Teledyne e2v has launched Snappy Wide, a 8k wide aspect ratio CMOS image sensor designed for use in a variety of logistics applications, even in low light conditions. The sensor has a 2.5 µm global shutter pixel, designed with light pipe technology, which can provide 66 dB dynamic range in 10-bit and 12-Bit ADC mode. It comes in monocrome and color versions and in in 35 MPixels (8,192 x 4,320), 28 MPixels (8,182 x 3,500) and 16 MPixels (8,192 x 2,000) resolutions. It can also be used as a high throughput 1D linear scanner, capable of 18,700 fps for dual line scanning.

To Learn More:

Contact: Teledyne eV2

Headquarters : Chestnut Ridge, NY, USA

Product: Snappy Wide

Key Features: Wide FOV,  2.5 µm global shutter pixel, light pipe technology

What Teledyne eV2 says:

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