Automotive Image Sensor Launched

July 5, 2023
Global shutter image sensor designed for automotive vehicle driver and occupant monitoring systems

OMNIVISION has launched the OX02C1S, a 2.5 MPixel RGB-IR BSI global shutter sensor, designed for in-cabin driver and occupant monitoring systems. It features a  2.2 µm pixel size as well as a NIR QE rating of 36%. It is designed for low-light performance. It enables simultaneous image detection in all pixels to accurately reproduce rapid motion without deformation and has integrated industry standard ASIL-B and cybersecurity. It is also available in a reconstructed wafer option for designers that want to customize their own package. It features 2.5MP resolution in a 1/3.55-inch optical format and can operate in temperatures from -40° to 25°C. The company has also launched the  OX01H1B image sensor (See Vision Systems Design's  story here).

To Learn More:

Contact: OMNIVISION Technologies

Headquarters:Santa Clara, CA, USA

Product: OX02C1S image sensor

Key Features: 2.5 MPixel resolution, 2.2 µm pixel size,36 % NIR QE rating

What OMNIVISION says: View more information on OX02C1S.

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