New Industrial Vision Sensor Launched

Sept. 21, 2023
Machine vision sensor, designed for ease of use, can be used for an array of automated inspection applications.

Cognex has launched a new industrial vision sensor, the In-Sight SnAPP vision sensor. The In-Sight SnAPP sensor is designed for quality control applications such as presence/absence inspections, assembly verification, defect detection and other automated inspection tasks. In-Sight SnAPP does not require extensive user training. It comes with pretrained embedded AI capability. It also does not require software installation, as it has a web-based user interface that allows customers to plug in and run it from any location using a standard web browser. It comes with a 1/2.8-in CMOS monochrome and color image sensor, has a pixel size of 2.8 μm (H) x 2.8 μm (V) and 1.6 MPixel resolution. It comes with an autofocus 6.2 mm, 16 mm high speed liquid lens. It can operate in temperatures of 0° - 40°C, stored at -10°- 60°, and is rated at IP67.

To Learn More:

Contact: Cognex 

Headquarters: Natick, MA, USA

Product: In-Sight SnAPP

Key Features: Pretrained embedded AI, web based user interface, Monochrome and color CMOS sensors

What Cognex says: View more information on In-Sight SnAPP.

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