Photoneo Introduces New Scanning Method

Oct. 23, 2023
Machine vision camera designed for scanning transparent, translucent, shiny objects.

Photoneo recently announced a new scanning method for 3D scanning transparent, translucent,  and shiny objects. The method is implemented in the 3D camera MotionCam 3D. The scanners have scanning ranges from 366–558 mm up to 1300-3780 mm and point size from 442 up to 1680 mm. With a frame rate of up to 20 fps,  maximum object/camera speed of up to 40 m/s. They are capable of up to 15 million points per second 3D point throughput. All are equipped with the NVIDIA Pascal Architecture GPU with 256 CUDA scores.  Rated at IP65, they can be deployed for a variety of 3D machine vision applications across various industries, including the logistics, automotive, and pharmaceutical sectors.

To Learn More:

Contact: Photoneo

Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia

Product: MotionCam 3D

Key Features: Up to 1300-3780 mm scanning range, 20 fps frame rate, 15 million points per second 3D point throughput

What Photoneo says: View more information on MotionCam 3D. 

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