Teledyne e2v Launches New CMOS Sensor

Jan. 16, 2024
Sensor designed for machine vision applications in low light conditions.

Teledyne e2v has launched a new low light CMOS sensor, OnyxMax. The sensor, designed for low light conditions down to 1 mLux, features Teledyne’s HiRho technology, which enables near infrared (NIR) sensitivity of 58% quantum efficiency and modular transfer function of 63% at 850 nm wavelength.

The sensor has 1.3 MPixel, 1280 x 1024 resolution, with a 10 x 10 µm pixel size, frame rate of up to 120 fps, and 75 dB dynamic range, with high dynamic range of 100 db. It offers global and rolling shutter options, LVDS and SPI interfaces, and is available in monochrome and in color filter array options on request. It is compatible with 1-in C-mount lenses.

The OnyxMax is designed for a variety of machine vision applications, including industrial inspection, biometric and medical imaging, and scientific imaging.

To Learn More:

Contact: Teledyne e2v

Headquarters: Chestnut Ridge, NY, USA

Product: OnyxMax CMOS image sensor

Key Features: 1280 x 1024 resolution, 120 fps frame rate, designed for low light conditions to 1mLux

What Teledyne e2v says: View more information on OnyxMax.

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