Gpixel Launches New Image Sensor

Feb. 8, 2024
New CMOS sensor designed for variety of machine vision applications.

Gpixel Microelectronics recently launched a new monochrome rolling shutter CMOS image sensor, the GSENSE3243BSI. The new sensor has 43 MPixel, 8192 x 5232 resolution, 3.2 μm pixel size, 31.1 diagonal field, and up to 100 fps frame rate. It features on-chip binning and flexible ROIs, making it capable of achieving higher frame rates at lower resolutions. It has a dynamic range of 74.7 dB at 14 bit HDR and 80.8dB at 14 bit HDR x 4. It can use the on-chip SRAM to add up to four exposures. Its peak quantum efficiency is over 80%, and it features wide angle response, read noise of 3.3 e‾ at full speed, and dark current less than 1 e‾/pixel. 

The sensor is designed for a variety of machine vision applications, including inspections.

To Learn More:

Contact: Gpixel Microelectronics, Inc.

Headquarters: Changchun, Jilin, China

Product: GSENSE3243BSI CMOS image sensor

Key Features: 43 MPixel resolution, 100 fps frame rate, 3.2 μm  pixel size

What GPixel says: View more information on GSENSE3243BSI CMOS image sensor

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