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March 1, 2004
Lenses widen image circle; Servo interface adds control; Digital converter extends interfaces; MORE...

Lenses widen image circle

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Xenoplan lenses XNP 2.0/28 and XNP 2.8/50, with focal lengths of 28 mm and 50 mm, respectively, and an image circle of 22 mm, allow the use of, for example, large 15 × 15-mm CCD and CMOS sensors. The C-mount lenses have a locking mechanism for the iris setting and are ruggedized for harsh environments. The lenses feature broadband antireflection coatings for 400- to 1000-nm light and come in 1-, 2/3-, and 1/2-in. formats.
Schneider Kreuznach
Kreuznach, Germany

Servo interface adds control

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C-809.40 servo-amplifier motion interface provides a dc servomotor and piezomotor interface to controllers such as the National Instruments (NI) four-axis 7344. The C-809.40 gives four axes of amplification, conditioning, and analog/PWM conversion to drive open- and closed-loop dc servomotor stages. It also converts differential encoder signals into single-ended signals required by NI controllers. The C-809.40 uses a standard 68-in NI connection cable and has a 37-pin I/O interface for user-specific purposes such as triggering.
Auburn, MA, USA

Digital converter extends interfaces

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Digital-converter, giga-BIC, extends camera cable distance up to 100 m, converting camera output from Camera Link format to Gigabit Ethernet over CAT-5 LAN cabling. The 95 × 97 × 37-mm case enables 1-Gbit/s data transfer with low latency and access to all camera features such as gain, offset, and exposure time using Basler's Camera Configuration Tool. Viewer software and software-development kit are included.
Basler Vision Technologies
Ahrensburg, Germany

Smart camera is fanless

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Company's mvCAM-4 digital camera uses 800-MHz Crusoe processor from Transmeta and requires no active cooling. Progessive-scan CCDs in black-and-white or color with 640 × 480 to 1280 × 1024 pixels are available. The camera operates under Windows 2000, Windows 98, or Linux, and applications can be developed on the camera or in PC. Connections include USB, RS232, keyboard, mouse, and VGA; industrial process integration is possible by digital I/O and Ethernet. The system is equipped with up to 256 Mbytes of SDRAM and a 20-Gbyte hard disk.
Matrix Vision
Oppenweiler, Germany

Software library adds features

Sapera LT 5.0 is the latest release of a suite of C and C++ software libraries for image acquisition and control. The release includes CamExpert, a configuration utility for creating or modifying configuration files for area and linescan camera applications. Sapera LT 5.0 also adds new C++ capabilities for image acquisition, buffer management, and I/O controls; three Bayer filter algorithms to increase accuracy of image edges, color quality, and speed; and trigger-to-image monitoring.
Coreco Imaging
St. Laurent, QC, Canada

PCI board increases power

Danube 6-PaC PCI board D6PC is based on the ADSP-TS201S TigerSHARC DSP from Analog Devices and features a single cluster of six of the DSPs running up to 600 MHz. The DSPs are integrated with a Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA, BittWare SharcFIN PCI bridge ASCI, SDRAM, and two PMC sites. The board includes four LVDS link ports running at up to 1200 Mbytes/s each and can interface to a 4-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus and support up to two PMCs.
Concord, NH, USA

USB camera badges IDs

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20Z704USB system with USB-controlled, 16x autofocus zoom video camera and LED lighting system provides synchronized ID badging. Full camera control is available by on-screen controls. Video capture is 30 frames/s at 353 × 288 pixels or 15 frames/s at 640 × 480. Output is S-video, composite video outputs, and USB. The sensor is a 1/4-in. Sony interline CCD; the camera comes in a 58 × 59.8 × 99-mm case, or in a 49.2 × 53.2 × 82-mm module without converter lens.
Videology Imaging Solutions
Greenville, RI, USA

Industrial camera delivers 3-D

INCA3 camera for industrial 3-D measurement applications features integrated strobe, wireless operation and connectivity, and automatic exposure. V-STARS software extracts 3-D data for analysis and visualization and exchange with CAD programs and analysis software packages. In off-line operations, photos can be saved to a compact flash memory. An embedded PC can compress images for higher storage capacity.
Geodetic Systems
Melbourne, FL, USA

IR camera images stress

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Altair Li system uses a JADE InSb or MCT focal-plane-array camera and digital image-processing software to produce images of materials and structures under dynamic loading conditions. The 320 × 256-pixel detector has a spectral response of 3-5 µm, with 8-12 µm as an option, and a frame rate of 1 to 150 Hz. Stress measurement is in the range of ±2000 MPa, with a resolution of 0.4 MPa on aluminum. Software provides motion compensation, transient loading, and heat-dissipation analysis.
CEDIP Infrared Systems
Croissy-Beaubourg, France

DVR captures Camera Link

Remax Lite digital video recorder can record from two Camera Link cameras at any frame size or speed, up to 800 Mbytes/s per camera. The acquisition system runs on a 64-bit/66-MHz PCI bus under Windows XP or 2000 and includes ReMax recording software, Datacube MaxRevolution frame grabber, Camera Link cable and cameras (either gray-scale or Bayer encoded color cameras), and hardware drivers. Video archiving is in AVI or BMP format. The full version of ReMax could consist of 15 to 20 cameras, with synchronized images captured to an accuracy better than 1 µs between all cameras.
Danvers, MA, USA

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