Vieworks launches 340 and 180 FPS industrial cameras

Vieworks announces the availability of the VC-2MC-340M/C and VC-4MC-180M/C CMOS digital cameras, designed to support automated optical inspection (AOI) machines.



Vieworks (Seoul, South Korea), a leading manufacturer of high performance 12-bit digital cameras for medical, industrial, military, and scientific market applications, announces the availability of the VC-2MC-340M/C and VC-4MC-180M/C digital cameras extending their capability beyond the VGA 264 FPS and 3 Million pixel 285 FPS cameras. The industrial cameras incorporate the latest CMOS image sensor technology providing 2 million pixel (2048 x 1024) and 4 million pixel (2048 x 2048) resolution, global shutter, and 340 frame/sec and 180 frame/sec readout speed. This combination of resolution, global shutter, and fast readout speed allows companies designing automated optical inspection (AOI) machines to significantly increase their throughput.

The new cameras are 68 x 68 x 54mm in size and weigh 420g, allowing them to easily fit into tight spaces. Powering the camera is simple due to the 10-14 VDC 8W input power rating. Built-in features such as programmable LUT, flat field correction, exposure control, and many more features make them ideal for industrial, scientific, and military market applications.

“The addition of these news cameras to our product portfolio is yet another step in providing our customers performance they are asking for. The addition of global shutter and fast readout speed to our CMOS camera products continues to advance camera technology available to Industrial market applications,” said Bob Kim, managing director, Vieworks Co. Ltd. “These cameras again set a new performance level in industrial market applications.”

“Vieworks continues to listen and respond to their customers with exciting new Industry leading products,” said Terry Guy, vice president sales and marketing, Vision Systems Technology, LLC. “We are excited to offer this new camera capability to AOI system manufacturers.”

Evaluation samples of these cameras can be obtained by contacting Vision Systems Technology, Vieworks North American distributor.

SOURCE: Vision Systems Technology

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