e-con Systems' HD camera board leverages OmniVision sensor and TI processor

April 18, 2012
e-con Systems' camera daughter card e-CAM52_35x employs the e-CAM52_5640_MOD, a 5-Mpixel camera module based on OmniVision's OV5640 system-on-chip image sensor.

The camera daughter card e-CAM52_35x employs the e-CAM52_5640_MOD, a 5-Mpixel camera module based on OmniVision's OV5640 system-on-chip image sensor. The card directly plugs on to the digital video port (DVP) interface of the DM3730 processor available on the DM3730 EVM board from Texas instruments. The image sensor can stream 720p at 30 frames/s using the DVP interface. The camera module is suited for optical character recognition (OCR), barcode readers, digital still cameras, document visualizers, and other imaging devices. Drivers for Windows CE 6.0, Linux ,and Android are provided with the card.
e-con Systems
Chennai, India

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e-con Systems Launches High Definition Camera Board for AM37x/DM37x Series of Processors – Adopts OmniVision’s OV5640 Image Sensor

St. Louis, USA / Chennai, India – e-con Systems Inc., an embedded design services company specializing in development of advanced customized camera solutions and related services announces its second 5MP High definition (HD) camera solution based on OmniVision OV5640 HD CMOS Image sensor for AM37x/DM37x processors from Texas Instruments. e-con Systems’ new camera daughter card e-CAM52_35x has the e-CAM52_5640_MOD, a 5 Megapixel camera module based on OV5640 image sensor. The camera daughter card in turn directly plugs on to the Digital Video port (DVP) interface of the DM3730 processor available on the DM3730 EVM board from Texas instruments.

“OmniVision is pleased to see e-con Systems adopt the OV5640 SOC sensor for their imaging product offerings. The development and release of e-con Systems’ e-CAM52_35x daughter card and e-CAM52_5640_MOD camera offers a turn-key, 5 mega-pixel imager ready for multi-segment applications. The OV5640 SOC sensor uses advanced pixel technology offering a fully-featured yet extremely cost-effective solution for excellent quality image capture and HD video. Moreover, our OmniBSI technology differentiates itself from competing products by enabling best-in-class low-light sensitivity as well as an ultra compact camera module that is 8.5 x 8.5 mm with a z-height of less than 5 mm.” said Robbert Emery, Senior Business Development Manager, OmniVision Technologies, Inc.

The 5MP camera module is specifically useful in OCR, Barcode readers, Digital Still Camera, document visualizers, camera for rugged handheld among others. Along with the camera daughter card, e-con Systems also provides drivers for Windows CE 6.0, Linux and Android.

The OV5640 image sensor has an integrated ISP inside it. The sensor’s automatic image control functions include automatic exposure control (AEC), automatic white balance (AWB), automatic band filter (ABF),
50/60Hz automatic luminance detection and automatic black level calibration (ABLC).The image sensor can stream 720p@30fps using DVP interface. e-con Systems also provides sample application that demonstrates the 720p30 streaming video and 5MP still capture along with the host of other sensor controls and features.

“The OV5640 uses the advanced pixel technology from OmniVision and e-con’s customers will be benefited by the superior image quality with very low noise provided by this image sensor.” said Mr. Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems.

Customers willing to evaluate the e-CAM52_5640_MOD can choose to buy the e-CAM52_35x and evaluate its features on the DM3730 EVM board from Texas Instruments with the associated driver and sample application package provided by e-con Systems. The evaluation kit will be available in e-con Systems’ website from Feb 1st 2012 onwards.

About e-CAM
e-CAM is e-con’s reference design featuring a camera board interfaced to a processor on its high speed CMOS interface. Customers buy the e-CAM boards from e-con along with the schematics and integrate it to their custom design. e-con also provides drivers for WinCE, Linux & Android and sample applications. For processors that don’t have the Camera ISP pipeline, e-con Systems provides the complete software stack for raw image sensors. e-con also offers individually crafted custom designs for customers interested in camera modules, other than the ones which are currently being offered as “off-the-shelf” solutions.

About e-con Systems: e-con Systems, acknowledged by Microsoft as a Windows Embedded Gold Partner, is an embedded product development services company focused on concept to product solutions with a strong technology leadership in camera solutions. e-con Systems has expertise in mobile application processors including PXA320, TI DM37x and Digital Media Processors DM355/DM365 and has been using its product engineering services to help customers on development of products based mainly on camera like video surveillance equipment, IP cameras, Low vision aid equipment, document visualizers.

SOURCE: e-con Systems Inc.

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