New Scale M3-F Developer's Kits enable autofocus prototyping for camera module OEMs

Aug. 20, 2010
New Scale Technologies' M3-F Developer’s Kits provide a platform for initial evaluation and prototyping of autofocus for camera OEMs.


The M3-F Developer’s Kits provide a convenient platform for initial evaluation and prototyping of autofocus for your platform. The Developer’s Kit includes a focus actuator module and a USB stick to convert computer commands directly from New Scale (Victor, NY, USA) Pathway PC Software to the focus module. Kits can accept a broad range of lenses and accommodate image sensors up to 17 x 17 mm, and are available pre-configured to accept I2C, SPI or USART serial commands. The design note “Checking Optical and Imager Geometry in DK-M3-F” provides lens recommendations and guideline for determining your image sensor and lens compatibility.

M3-F Developer’s Kit Specifications*
Lens (lens not included)
Accepts M12x0.5mm to M8 lenses (smaller than M12 requires adapter)
Accepts lenses up to 5g weight

Travel Range
Up to 1.7 mm

Housing Dimensions
20 x 22 x 18.5 mm

Max Image Sensor Area (image sensor not included)
17 x 17 x 3 mm

> 5 mm/s

0.5 μm

Linear Accuracy
± 30 μm

Angular alignment (Static tip/tilt)
<± 0.5 degrees

Angular movement (Dynamic tip/tilt)
<± 0.25 degrees

Static Concentricity
<± 0.25 mm

Dynamic Concentricity
<± 0.02 mm

Input Voltage
3.3 V ± 10%

Input Power *
< 0.75 Watts full speed
< 0.2 Watts quiescent
< 0.05 Watts sleep mode

Weight of Autofocus Module (without lens)
6.4 grams

Request for Custom Proposal
The M3-F Developer’s Kit provides a system to evaluate our technology under light duty performance. The M3 design platform allows us to quickly create a customized focus module to your more demanding OEM specifications.

For design customization, please complete our on-line module specification worksheet.

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