Imaging industry veterans form Vision Systems Technology

JANUARY 29, 2010--Vision System Technology, led by Kris Balch and Terry Guy, will provide customers with the latest technology in digital cameras, lighting, optics, and software.

JANUARY 29, 2010--Imaging industry veterans Kris Balch and Terry Guy have joined together to form Vision Systems Technology to distribute imaging components in North America. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Vision System Technology will provide customers with the latest technology in digital cameras, lighting, optics, and software.

Balch is the former technical director of Kodak's Motion Analysis Systems Division and has been involved with high-speed imaging, CCD and CIS image sensor development, and advanced camera developments for the past 25 years. Guy worked for Eastman Kodak Co. for more than 20 years in a variety of sales and marketing positions in divisions selling digital cameras and CCD and CMOS image sensors.

"We formed Vision Systems Technology because customers keep asking for a technically knowledgeable source to help them choose the right product(s) for their application," says Guy, vice president, sales and marketing. "Vision Systems Technology will provide customers the capabilities they have been asking for."

“I am excited about the opportunity Vision Systems Technology will offer its customers. Being able to discuss on a technical level, engineer-to-engineer, the problem and potential solution is something that I enjoy doing and provides customers a much less stressful experience knowing they are making a purchase that will allow them to be successful with their project”, says Balch, who is serving as president of Vision Systems Technology.

Since the launch of Vision Systems Technology, camera manufacturer Vieworks has announced its relationship with the company as the distributor of Vieworks industrial cameras in North America. Vision Systems Technology will be responsible for establishing and managing the sales and marketing of Vieworks' digital camera products.

Vieworks industrial camera products are used in automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment such as that applied to PCB inspection, semiconductor inspection, packaged IC inspection, and solar panel inspection, along with broad-area persistent surveillance, unmanned air vehicle, and scientific market applications.

-- Posted by Carrie Meadows, Vision Systems Design

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