illunis releases 29MP industrial camera

illunis introduces their latest camera, the RMV 29M, a 29-Mpixel camera based on the Eastman Kodak KAI-29050 sensor.

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New 29 Mega Pixel Camera Delivers Incredible Image Quality

RMV-29M Camera Delivers Stunning Quality an Incredible Performance.

illunis LLC (Minnetonka, MN, USA), mega pixel and custom OEM camera specialist, today introduces their latest camera, the RMV 29M, a 29 Mega Pixel camera based on the Eastman Kodak KAI-29050 sensor.

The RMV-29M camera (6,576 x 4,384) offers incredible performance and quality at a frame rate of up to 4.8 fps (Quad) and have features such as low smear of -100 dB, blooming suppression of >300x, full 14 bit ADC, 1, 2 or 4 tap operation, advanced triggering and CCD read-out control. On–screen tools allow for analyzing line/columns and text overlay.

The Kodak KAI-29050 image sensor is a 29 million pixels, or mega pixels progressive scan interline 5.5 micron sensor that comes in a 35mm optical format (43mm diagonal). Like all our RMV cameras, the RMV-29M is designed for rugged performance, uses industrial components, and operates in an expanded temperature range of -40C to +85C. This wide temperature range allows the camera to operate in harsh environments such as those encountered in many Military, Aerial, and Industrial market applications. The RMV camera line also incorporates noise performance improvements that decrease noise by a factor of 2X providing a significant increase in camera sensitivity extending its use over a wider range of illumination conditions. This reduction in noise performance is gained though the use of state-of-art technology along with years of experience in camera design and layout

“This announcement demonstrates illunis’s commitment to high performance imaging and innovation for Industrial, Commercial, Scientific, and Military market applications”, said Erik Vermeulen, Director of Sales and Marketing. “By continually enhancing the performance of our products, we not only maintain our market leadership position but continue to meet the changing needs of our customers. illunis again sets the standard for high performance imaging. The RMV-29M provides extreme performance at a very affordable price, and customer who use 16 mega pixel cameras, definitely want to upgrade to this camera."

About illunis LLC
Committed to being the world’s leading supplier of digital imaging solutions for high performance imaging markets, illunis LLC solves its customers’ needs by focusing on developing, manufacturing, and marketing leading edge solid state CCD and CMOS digital cameras for Industrial, Commercial, Scientific, Military, and Aerial applications. illunis LLC strategy is to identify and market imaging solutions that provide value to OEM partners.

illunis LLC, 14700 Excelsior Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55345, (952) 975 9203,

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