Sony announces small C-mount camera

Nov. 12, 2010
Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division has released its 19 x 29 x 29-mm Micro XCD camera, 2/3 the cubic size of previous modules from Sony.


The industry’s smallest C-mount camera module has been unveiled at the Vision show, Stuttgart by Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions (ISS) division.

At 19x29x29mm the Micro XCD camera has a footprint smaller than a £2 coin. The module weighs just 37g and is 2/3 the cubic size of previous modules from Sony.

The Micro XCD is available in VGA (60fps) and SXGA (45fps) modules. Data transfer is via IEEE1394b I/F firewire at 1600 Mbps; twice the speed of previous XCD modules from Sony.

The device integrates a high quality 1/3 type CMOS image sensor with the latest FPGA technology; delivering high performance at low power consumption levels.

Sony has taken an innovative approach to design; the number of PCB’s required has been reduced from five to three; and thinner front and rear panels have been incorporated. The result is robust camera with a smaller footprint, making it suited to a wide range of industrial vision applications.

The XCD-MV6 (VGA) will be available for mass production during November 2010. The XCD-SX9 (SXGA) will be available as sample during Q2 CY2010. For more information or a datasheet with technical specifications please contact [email protected].

For further product and sales information, please contact:
Matthew Swinney, senior product marketing manager, Sony Image Sensing Solutions.
Tel. +44 (0) 1932 817406 / fax +44 (0) 1932 817314 / email: [email protected]

Source: Sony Europe, Image Sensing Solutions

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