Photonfocus color camera delivers 108 frames/s at full resolution

Photonfocus' color MV1-D1312C-160-CL-12 camera delivers 108fps at full resolution of 1312 × 1082 pixels.


Photonfocus (Lachen, Switzerland) is pleased to announce the new colour MV1-D1312C-160-CL-12 camera. The new 1.4Mpix colour camera is based on the newly developed 3rd Generation CMOS imager A1312C (RGB Bayer) from Photonfocus. The new MV1-D1312C-160-CL-12 camera delivers 108fps @ full resolution of 1312 by 1082 pixels. A major benefit using the new A1312C CMOS sensor in the new MV1-D1312C-160-CL-12 camera is the possibility to further increase the speed by reducing the ROI – Region of Interest – through horizontal and vertical windowing in defined steps. Customers requiring sharp and smear free images even with high frame rates will be pleased with the fast global shutter of the new MV1-D1312C-160-CL-12 camera developed by Photonfocus.

The new colour A1312C CMOS image sensor has a spectral range covering 390nm to 670nm. The cover glass acts as a sharp NIR cut-off filter around 670nm. On request Photonfocus is able to deliver a A1312C image sensor or colour cameras with different cover glass characteristics.

The main features of the new MV1-D1312C-160-CL-12 camera are:
Photonfocus A1312C CMOS image sensor
1312 x 1082 pixel resolution
108fps @ full resolution
low colour noise
Global shutter
Standard cover glass with NIR cut-off filter
CameraLink Base Interface

For more information please visit our Website or contact us at if you wish a live demonstration.

Photonfocus AG is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, industrial CMOS sensors, OEM modules and industrial cameras. Our camera products feature Photonfocus-designed sensors with proprietary LinLog technology for up to 120 dB of dynamic range, global shutter, programmable regions of interest (single or multiple), high frame rates, industrial housings and much more at competitive prices.

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