Photonfocus says it has fastest Camera Link Base camera

The monochrome MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 1.4Mpix camera is based on the newly developed 3rd Generation CMOS imager A1312.

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Photonfocus (Lachen, Switzerland) is pleased to announce the new monochrome MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 camera, which to the best of our knowledge is the fastest Camera Link Base camera in the world. The new 1.4Mpix camera is based on the newly developed 3rd Generation CMOS imager A1312 from Photonfocus. The A1312 image sensor from Photonfocus was optimised for applications in the visible as well as the NIR (Near Infra Red up to 1100nm).

With the new MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 we are able to expand the speed range of our Camera Link Base cameras by +50%. Thus being able to offer a price wise interesting solution for some applications that so far had to rely on Camera Link Medium/Full interface cameras. Using the new MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 cameras not only saves costs on the camera side but as well on cabling and frame grabber. Two MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 cameras can be connected to one Camera Link Base frame grabber, rather than having to use two Camera Link Medium/Full frame grabbers. In a multi camera system the number of cables and frame grabbers halves!

The main features of the new MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 camera are:
Photonfocus A1312 CMOS image sensor
1248 x 1082 pixel resolution
Good NIR response
More than 200 fps @ 1024 y 1024 resolution
CameraLink Base Interface
8 Bit greyscale resolution

For more information please visit our Website or contact us at if you wish a live demonstration.

Photonfocus AG is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, industrial CMOS sensors, OEM modules and industrial cameras. Our camera products feature Photonfocus-designed sensors with proprietary LinLog technology for up to 120 dB of dynamic range, global shutter, programmable regions of interest (single or multiple), high frame rates, industrial housings and much more at competitive prices.

-- Posted by Vision Systems Design

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