PixeLINK offers high performance, 3.0MP machine vision camera

July 21, 2010
PixeLINK has released the PL-E533 USB 2.0 color camera.


PixeLINK is pleased to release the new PL-E533 USB 2.0 color camera to our current camera line. Designed for a broad range of applications the PL-E533 resolution or 2048 × 1536 provides 12 frames per second at 3.0 megapixel resolution. The camera sensor is based on the Aptina CMOS rolling shutter progressive scan sensor with a 1/2" optical format.

The sensor architecture provides superior anti-blooming compared to CCD sensors making the PL-E533 and excellent choice for imaging highly reflective objects or scenes of intense illumination. The flexible region of interest (ROI) control allows users to operate at higher frame rates by placing a lower resolution "window" in the imager at any location with a granularity of 8 pixels by 8 pixels.


-- Posted by Vision Systems Design

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