Aven MIG video borescope has camera, wide-view screen

Rather than relying solely on an eyepiece, users of the Aven MIG video borescope can see, capture, and share still or video images of tight areas lacking easy access.

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Remote visual inspection becomes more convenient with an advanced borescope that feeds images to a wide-view color LCD. Rather than relying solely on an eyepiece, users of the Aven (Ann Arbor, MI, USA) MIG video borescope can see, capture, and share still or video images of tight areas lacking easy access.

Applications include nondestructive testing and inspections by manufacturers performing R&D or quality assurance, as well as troubleshooting by repair technicians. The sophisticated borescope streamlines work processes in the assembly, aviation, automotive, mechanical engineering, and metal machining fields, among others.

"This professional system packs a lot of features into your palm," says Mike Shahpurwala, president and chief marketing officer of Aven, Inc., a global supplier of precision optical equipment. "It's light, powerful, and eliminates the need for a separate monitor or camera."

The self-contained instrument integrates a 3.5-in. screen and SD card for image capture. Other advantages of new-generation monitor image guide (MIG) borescopes are:
• Integrated components: Operators needn't attach a camera to the eyepiece, which was awkward and inefficient. There's also no need for a separate monitor with cable link.
• Image-forwarding: The built-in memory card and USB video output simplify inspection documentation for reports, consultation, regulatory compliance, training, or customer reviews. This record could help address liability claims in case of a part failure.

Practical uses also include training of engineers, assembly technicians, machine operators, and inspectors. Live visuals can be compared with reference images for quality control. Problems can be annotated and added to an image archive.

Aven's cordless instrument for looking into small, remote areas performs all jobs of a traditional industrial borescope in a durable device weighing 9 oz (260 g). It also assures safety with a "cold light" source—four white LED lights in the 3-ft (1-m) flexible, watertight cable illuminate without burning or explosion risks.

That cable has a CMOS image sensor chip in the 5-mm mirrored insertion tip—the remote "eye" that allows close inspection in tight, dark spots not visible directly. It has a 67° field of view and depth of field from 1.5 cm to 10 cm (0.5 in. to 4 in.).

The Aven MIG video borescope comes with three mirrored attachments, angled at 35°, 45°, and 55°—assuring application-tailored viewing precision.

The tempered glass lens is engineered to resist moisture, oil, and scratches. Clear, high-resolution images are delivered to the wide-angle LCD display, which is an inch larger than on some video borescopes. Buttons on the face allow images to be saved for PC viewing, annotation, and e-mailing. A 1-Gbyte memory card is included, and the unit can accommodate a 2-Gbyte card.

Full-motion video can be fed to a TV, computer, or other monitor via an included cable. The unit records 30 frames/s and is powered by four lithium-polymer batteries that record for up to four hours and recharge in one hour.

This industrial-grade tool has adjustable illumination and is designed to operate at temperatures as low as -20° Centigrade.

Aven, based in a high-tech corridor of Southeast Michigan, also offers a smaller model without video or image capture capabilities. The EZ Borescope has a 2.5-in. color screen.

"These recent additions to our line of optical products serve a need for a remote visual inspection system that adapts to diverse purposes," says Shahpurwala. "Wherever it's used, looking at a bright screen definitely beats staring into a small eyepiece."

For more information or a free catalog, call (734) 973-0099 or see www.aveninc.com.

Aven, Inc. manufactures and distributes high-performance precision tools and optical systems for industrial, scientific, research, and education applications. More than 750 products include video inspection systems, integrated portable microscopes, task lights, stainless-steel tools for lab use, and precision hand tools such as tweezers, pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, crimpers, knives, and alignment tools. Brands include Mighty Scope, iLoupe, iVue and Athlet.

An electronics innovator since 1983, Aven is located in a high-tech corridor of Southeast Michigan and is the parent company of SharpVue, which designs and manufactures integrated digital microscope technology.

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