NET's linescan monochrome camera runs at up to 125 kHz scan rate

May 11, 2010
With a high resolution of 8192 pixels in one row and a line scan rate of up to 125 kHz (at a resolution of 2048 pixels), the CLISBee-S line scan cameras are suitable for almost every inspection task.


Very high sensitivity - ONBOARD A/D converter - Up to 125KHz Line Scan rate

CLISBee-S stands for a high quality generation of line scan cameras based on the latest CMOS technology. With a high resolution of 8192 pixels in one row and a line scan rate of up to 125 kHz (at a resolution of 2048 pixels), the CLISBee-S line scan cameras are suitable for almost every inspection task.

Combined with the Anti Blooming, Exposure Control and Flat Field Correction functions, the high degree of light sensitivity and the low level of pixel noise provided by the latest CMOS technology are the perfect prerequisites for your image processing needs. The frame grabber is supported by functions such as an OnBoard A/D converter (10bit). Gain/offset/video (8/10bit) settings can be easily adjusted via a standard camera link.

NET’s CLISBee-S line scan cameras have been developed for use in many different image processing tasks in various industries. They can be used in inspection systems for paper machines, film extruders, coating and paint finishing machines or even in the production of non-woven fabrics. High-resolution systems can be used for 100% print defect detection in the printing of labels not only in pharmaceutical printing, but also in the production of bond paper.

Each application requires different features. During paper production, a roll of paper is produced at a speed of up to 2000m/min. By using CLISBee-S line scan cameras with a line scan rate of 125 kHz, resolutions of down to 0.25mm/pixel are possible. On film extruders with a material width of 2000mm, a pixel resolution of 0.25mm can be achieved using only one 8192 pixel line scan camera. Even at the high production speed of coating and paint finishing machines, the high line scan rate of the CLISBee-S series can achieve a resolution within the µm range.

Illumination technology
NET provides the line scan illumination technology most suited to your application.
NET offers illumination technology, ranging from a low-budget version of the aperture
tube -complete with line scan aperture and lens mount and a fully usable line illumination
length of up to 2300mm - to high-tech LED light sensors with the most up-to-date
OnBoard technology. LEDs are available in the colors white, blue, green, red and infrared with an illumination field length of 6000mm, and provide all you need for your image
processing requirements. The optical layout of the OnBoard LED’s illumination technology also allows homogenous illumination in direct transmission.

NET provides all necessary accessories like lenses, frame grabber cards and cables.

Typical Applications
- Web Inspection (Surface Inspection)
-Paper Inspection (High Speed Application)
-Film and Foil Inspection
- Textile / Nonwoven or Pre Bag Inspection
-Coating Process (High resolution Application)
-Solar and Glass Inspection
-Print Inspection (High Speed / High Resolution)

Key Features
-Sensor Range 1024 Pixel up to 8192 Pixel
-Line Scan rate up to 125KHz
-Pixel Size 14x14µm and 7x7µm
-Latest CMOS Linear Image Sensor
- High sensitivity, low noise and latest intelligent functions
-Flat Field Correction
- Test pattern output
-Scan direction change
-Exposure control
-Selectable region of interest

System Solutions
-High power, very homogenous LED line light
up to 6000mm
-Frame Grabber Cards
-Optical Solutions


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