AT Automation Technology Launches New 3D Sensor Series

May 8, 2024
High speed, high resolution sensors designed for machine vision applications such as electronic component inspection.

AT-Automation Technology GmbH has launched a new line of high speed, high precision 3D sensors, the XCS series.  The sensor features an optimized laser, which produces a homogeneous line thickness, which enables precise scanning of small structures, and is further protected by Automation Technology's Clean Beam technology, which protects the laser from interference factors and allows uniform intensity distribution, which helps ensure consistent and reliable results. Each sensor has a 3R class laser with 405 nm wavelength.

A dual head option is also available, which provides high speed and high resolution and eliminates occlusions. All XCS sensors have Automatic Region Tracking, Automatic Region Search, Multiple Regions, MultiPart, AutoStart, History Buffer, Multi-Slope, and  MultiPeak features. 

The sensors feature small FOV. The 3070 and 3070 WARP models have 48 mm FOV, profile resolution of 3072 pixels per profile and profile speed up to 140 kHz, 14.5 kHz at full Z-range. The 4090 models have 53 mm FOV with 4096 profile resolution and up 20.3 kHz profile speed. The sensors have 1GigE interface and are GenICam and GigE Vision compliant.

The sensors are contained in an IP67 rated anodized aluminum housing. They can operate in temperatures of 0°C to 40° and  up to 80 percent humidity.

The XCS series is especially designed for machine vision applications such as electronic component inspection, electronic assembly inspection, and connector pin inspection.

To Learn More:

Contact: AT- Automation Technology GmbH

Headquarters: Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Product: XCS sensor series

Key Features: 53 mm FOV, up to 140 kHz profile speed, rated IP67

What AT- Automation Technology says: View more information on XCS sensor series

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