OMNIVISION Launches New CMOS Sensors

May 20, 2024
Sensors designed for a wide variety of machine vision applications, including barcode scanning, robotics.

OMNIVISION recently launched three new CMOS global shutter sensors, the OG05B1B, OG01H1B, and OG09A10.

The  OG05B1B and OG01H1B are black and white; both feature Nyxel PureCelPlus-5 technology. They have 5 MPixel and 1.55 MPixel resolution, respectively; both have 2.2 µm pixel sizes. The OG05B1B has 60 fps frame rate; the OG01H1B has up to 120 fps frame rate. With the Nyxel technology, both can boost QE from 700 to 1050 nm. Both have shutter efficiency of 106 dB.  Both have DVP and MIPI interface. These sensors are especially designed for machine vision tasks such as barcode scanning, robotics, and intelligent transportation systems.

The OG09A10 global shutter sensor has 9 MPixel resolution with 3.45 µm pixel size and up to 60 fps frame rate. Featuring Dual Conversion Gain and Nyxel PureCel Plus-S near-infrared technology, the sensor is designed for machine vision applications that require clear imaging of high-speed moving objects and especially designed for use in low light conditions.

To Learn More:

Contact: OMNIVISION Technologies Inc.

Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA, USA

Product: OG05B1B, OG01H1B, OG09A10 sensors

Key Features: CMOS, global shutter, 60 to 120 fps frame rate

What OmniVision says: View more information on OG05B1B, OG01H1B, and OG09A10 sensors

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