Basler Launches New UV Cameras

April 12, 2024
Area scan cameras designed for machine vision applications such as sorting, inspections.

Basler has launched a new addition to its ace 2 camera line, the ace 2 X UV. The new UV spectrum, monochrome area scan camera comes with a Sony IMX487 global shutter and offers 8.1 MPixel, 2840 x 2840 resolution with a 2.74  μm pixel size, and a 14 fps frame rate. The camera is designed to capture images in the invisible light spectrum with wavelengths from 200 – 400 µm.

The camera has GigE interface and is supported by Basler pylon Camera Software Suite (Version 6.0 or higher), which is available for Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, macOS, and Android.

The camera has a C-mount lens mount configuration. It has a footprint of 48.9 x 29 x 29 mm without lens mount or connectors and 62.2 x 29 x 29 mm with lens mount and connectors. It weighs 105 g and is rated IP30. It has an operating temperature range of -10°C - 50°C and can operate in relative, non-condensing humidity of 20-80%.

The camera is especially designed for a wide variety of machine vision applications, including sorting plastics, wafer surface inspection, and solar cell inspection.

To Learn More:

Contact: Basler

Headquarters: Ahrensburg, Germany

Product: ace 2 X UV camera

Key Features: 8.1 MPixel resolution, 14 fps frame rate, captures images in 200- 400 µm wavelngth

What Basler says: View more information on ace 2 X UV camera series

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