Motion capture for bio-mechanical application.

Sept. 28, 2016


When capturing for motion analysis or the biomechanics of animals such as bats, primates, or lizards, it is essential that their movements be captured at high speed. With StreamPix® software, either a single camera or multiple synced cameras can be used to take rapid, uncompressed video.

In this example, a portable setup is shown for capturing lizard movements in an outdoor environment.

The portable system is capable of synchronously capturing video from four cameras with an HD resolution of 2048 x 340 fps or 500 fps at lower resolution.

In this instance, the camera of choice was a 10 GigE Vision from Emergent Technology that was constructed with optical fibers because the customer required that cameras be mounted over 20 meters away from the computer. Other types of cameras can be used such as a GigE, USB 3.0, Camera Link, and CoaXPress®.



When multiple cameras are necessary, a major strength of NorPix® and Streampix software is the support of a wide number of cameras that are supported using the native API of the cameras’ manufacturers.




Portable computer capturing from 4 Emergent cameras at 340 fps x 2048 x 1088 or 500 fps at lower resolution in uncompressed format to disk. Norpix also provides a macro for reading our captured video into Matlab for further motion analysis.

Capture various animals in outdoor environment such as bats, lizards, horses, etc.

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