Pembroke Instruments Announces Release of New SWIR Microscope Platform with Open Architecture

Feb. 15, 2021

Pembroke Instruments announces the release of the new SWIR Microscope 200 platform. The platform supports unprecedented flexibility for range in Field of View (FOV), magnification, zoom control, and compatibility with standard CMount SWIR cameras. The customer can select a configuration with standard baseplate (above left) or attachment to popular optical breadboards which enables attachment flexibility for accessory components such as light sources and precision translation stages.

SWIR microscopy has rapidly evolved with the recent advances in SWIR sensor technology, LED and laser light sources, and modular optics to support high imaging performance and flexibility at low cost. Applications include

• Defect detection in materials transparent to light >1300 nm, notably semiconductor wafers

• General fluorescent SWIR imaging in the range 900-1800 nm

• In-Vivo fluorescent imaging for medical research

• Art and forensics research

• SWIR microscopy of minerals and geological samples

Key features of the SWIR-200 Microscope Platform include

• Customer selection of Field of View (FOV), magnification, and working distance

• Choice of standard baseplate or attachment to optical breadboard

• Ultra stable under conditions of high magnification with micron precision for vertical adjustment

• Co-axial sample illumination with choice of LED or laser (SMA or FC/PC)

• Compatible with our SenS SWIR InGaAs cameras or most C-Mount SWIR cameras

Pembroke Instruments, LLC is a leading source for state-of-the art imaging and spectroscopy products for industrial, life science, and military applications. For a quote on this product please email Dr. Leslie M. Tack at [email protected]

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