Gottenheim, July 2020 - SensoPart’s new laser proximity sensor FT 55-RLHM with background suppression (BGS) detects surfaces of any kind and identifies the smallest objects with remarkable reliability.

“Detect all” is one of the operating modes of SensoPart’s new BGS sensor and is a function to be understood quite literally. Indeed, the FT 55-RLHM can cope with any type of target object, whether it is brilliant metal, transparent or black against a black background. The sensor responds to all deviations from a given reference – such as a change in object distance, a different surface finish or even a deflected laser light beam. In this mode the sensor has no blind zone, i.e. objects are detected from 0 mm. Even exceedingly small parts are reliably identified within the defined detection range, including objects at acute angles. The FT 55-RLHM not only uses the distance value but can also integrate the energy remitted from the target object in the detection process. Thanks to its high level of detection efficiency, FT 55-RLHM can also be used to check the stack height of parts and identify multiple layers, for example when stacking cardboard packaging. Here the sensor automatically detects the presence of too many or too few layers.

Maximum operating range, minimum hysteresis

A further highlight besides excellent object detection is the FT 55-RLHM sensor’s very wide operating range of up to one metre. The switching hysteresis is simultaneously minimal, so that even the tiniest objects are reliably detected from a long distance – for example, a sheet of paper at 250 mm. The determined object distance is shown on an integrated display screen, which considerably facilitates the set up of the application. In addition to user-friendly operation via soft keys, the sensor also offers two independent switching outputs, as well as a digital IO-Link interface – exceptional in this price category. It also comes with additional useful functions for the configuration of switching outputs, such as switch-on/switch-off delays. This comprehensive range of functions, combined with a highquality metal housing and non-hazardous laser class 1, makes SensoPart’s new laser proximity sensor with background suppression ideal for diverse industrial automation applications, whether in machine construction or in the automotive, plastic, pharmaceutical or packaging industry.

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