New Photonfocus MV8 series launching with high-precision, 51-megapixel full-frame camera

Feb. 12, 2021

10 GigE Vision interface ensures fast data transmission

New Photonfocus MV8 series launching with high-precision, 51-megapixel full-frame camera Photonfocus is launching its new MV8 camera series with a model comprising an exceptionally high resolution of 51 megapixels and global shutter technology. Thanks to its high precision and accuracy, the camera series, which has been developed specifically for large and fast sensors, is designed for complex environments in industrial image processing and the film industry. The sensor in the new 51 MP high-end camera is twice as large as a comparable APS-C sensor (16 x 24 mm). The full-frame camera enables significantly less image noise, greater detail and luminance, as well as higher dynamic range. 

The MV8-D8424-G01-GT camera from the new MV8 series is able to capture particularly sharp and detailed images thanks to its 51-megapixel resolution through 8424 x 6032 pixels and global shutter technology. With 24 images per second in the current 8K Cinema class, the camera also guarantees stable live videos. Furthermore, it is equipped with an industry-suitable M58 standard lens connection and provides perfect image quality and a high dynamic range thanks to large 4,6 x 4.6 µm² pixels. To ensure particularly fast image transfers, the camera is equipped with a 10 GigE Vision interface. 10 GigE is a common standard interface for network technology and is also proven in machine vision projects. The interface enables the camera to be connected to a computer with standard cables and connectors. Additional frame grabbers for PC are not required. With a maximum transfer length of up to 100 meters, the camera is particularly versatile.It is ideal for applications in industrial image processing, broadcast video, film scanning, and the railway industry, as well as for standard machine vision. The powerful camera integrates seamlessly into the photonHiRES embedded vision platform of modularly configurable Photonfocus cameras.

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