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White Paper: Using Lighting to Optimize Camera Performance

July 20, 2023
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Capturing Clear Images and Highlighting Details with the Right Light Source

How light works can be a complicated subject. One of the biggest rules of thumb in imaging is that there can never be too much light. However, a com- mon  problem  is  finding  enough  light  to  clear- ly image a subject. Utilizing light sources in an efficient and deliberate manner can address this problem by reducing the amount of light required to image a particular subject and help to highlight details or defects.

This paper will cover general lighting theory, explore different light sources, and how to best use lighting equipment for practical applications. For example, near infrared (NIR) inspection and contrast enhancement for computer vision can be achieved using filters. How- ever, the use of filters will reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor, requiring a more sensitive camera. When using specific light that is transmitted by filters, the reduction of other light allows for clearer images.