Performance camera series available immediately

April 11, 2022
In addition to numerous technical advantages, the CMOS cameras of the FXO series from SVS-Vistek have one special feature that is currently extremely important given the shortage of components: they are available for immediate delivery.

Users of machine vision components are currently experiencing great difficulties in covering their need for suitable equipment in a timely manner. As in many other industrial sectors, the pandemic-related shortage of many parts and materials is the reason for this situation. SVS-Vistek has an alternative in its program with the industrial cameras of the FXO series, which guarantees short-term availability due to the strongly regional structure of partners and suppliers as well as a high level of in-house production depth. SVS-Vistek even implements modifications and specific customer requests on the basic models at short notice, thus enabling users to meet deadlines.

The FXO cameras are based on Pregius S image sensors from Sony's IMX54x series, which have defined the standard for image quality in industrial vision for years. With the latest backlight technology, they combine seemingly contradictory requirements: Images with a dynamic range of typically 72 dB can be generated from small 2.74 µm pixels with a global shutter. The FXO models are available with resolutions from 5 to 24.5 megapixels and frame rates from 30.4 to 124 fps, covering a wide range of applications. For interfaces, users can choose between the 10GigE interface for inexpensive, packet-oriented applications or the CoaXPress 12 interface for requirements with the lowest latency. 

Cameras of the FXO series impress with their numerous integrated technical features. In addition to standard functions such as ROI, LUT and binning, modern features such as SVS-Vistek's Color Transformation Control Feature, among others, ensure powerful options in use. This Color Transformation Control Feature goes far beyond the functionality of a conventional white balance and allows the conversion of color spaces for better color reproduction to display images according to human color perception if required. In addition to ready-made conversion matrices for the standardized light temperatures D50, D65, TL84 and A, users can also define their own conversion matrices and thus adapt the color rendering to specific lighting situations. As an FPGA-based feature, the changed color representation runs in real time in the camera's firmware without any loss of time. 

Other special features of the cameras in the FXO series include the Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which enables multiple cameras with a common time base using the GigE Vision protocol for synchronized image acquisition, or the use of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to reduce connections and cables. This leads to cost savings, as does the integrated 4-channel LED strobe controller, which allows the power-out outputs of the FXO cameras to be controlled to operate LED lighting without an external controller. Also important for practical use is the excellent temperature distribution on the sensor realized by a complex design, which guarantees operating temperatures up to 60 °C. SVS-Vistek has suitable lenses for sensors with small pixels in its program in order to create the conditions for high-quality image acquisition with cameras such as the FXO series. 

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