FXO camera family expanded with 25GigE models

May 29, 2024
SVS-Vistek is expanding the performance of machine vision systems in demanding applications by using the 25GigE interface in new camera models of the FXO series.

The 25GigE interface offers an impressive bandwidth, enabling the fast and reliable transmission of immense amounts of data for machine vision applications in the upper speed range. Depending on the application, the higher data transfer rates can lead to faster machines and processes, which in turn can generate more revenue.

SVS-Vistek has integrated the 25GigE interface into various industrial cameras in the FXO family, which cover resolutions from 1.8 to 24.6 MP. The Sony Pregius sensors of the 3rd and 4th generation ensure the capture of high-quality images that provide an optimal foundation for subsequent image evaluation. The use of SFP28 connections enables the achievement of cable lengths of up to 10 km and data transfer rates of up to 3125 MB/s. This allows for the transfer of up to 671 fps, contingent on the resolution of the camera model employed.

The FXO models with a 25GigE interface feature a milled housing with dimensions of just 50 x 50 x 100 mm, making them currently the most compact industrial cameras with a 25GigE connection in the world. Additionally, the devices have an operational temperature range of up to 60 °C. One of the distinctive characteristics of the FXO cameras with 25GigE interface is the integrated strobe controller. This feature enables the control of lighting via four high-power outputs with up to 3 Amperes, obviating the need for conventional lighting controllers. This reduces the effort and costs involved in implementing applications.

These technical features facilitate a multitude of potential applications for the new FXO models with 25GigE interface, spanning numerous industries, including industrial automation, automotive, quality control, as well as entertainment and sports. In particular, these cameras are well-suited for the real-time analysis of sporting events.

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