StreamPix DVR solution using Cheetah SWIR camera

Oct. 22, 2021

NorPix has engineered a solution to capture a synchronized dual frame grabber solution on the Xenics Cheetah 640 series SWIR area scan camera.

This system integrates a single Xenics Cheetah 640 Series SWIR area scan camera connected to two Euresys CameraLink Grablink™ full configuration frame grabbers or two National Instruments PCI2 1433 frame grabbers installed in an Acme portable PC. The software platform is NorPix Streampix 8 Multiple Camera with a custom Xenics Image Merge module with the capacity to stitch two halves of a single frame into one image in real-time. In lab testing, this comprehensive platform delivered uncompressed 12-bit full frame images to disk at a staggering 1700 frames-per-second.

This turnkey solution requires only that the user plugs in a camera, launches the NorPix software, and configures the system a single time. Within minutes, the system is ready to record longterm video or to capture and save images with a live preview.

Prior to this innovation by NorPix, SWIR cameras were limited in their use because the tremendous amount of data they capture was too much for a single frame grabber. As a result, SWIR camera users were forced to choose between either more speed and less resolution, or more resolution and less speed. By using two frame grabbers, each processing half a frame, no compromise is required.

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