Showcasing the Sony IMX990 with ABA-013VIR by AVAL DATA

Jan. 20, 2021

AVALDATA Corporation is pleased to showcase a wide-range, high-sensitivity ABA-013VIR SWIR camera adopting the Sony InGaAs SWIR image sensor which was released in May 2020 for the first time. Besides, they develop a new hyper spectrum camera which is compact, high frame-rate, a wide range of wavelegths.

In the camera, using SenSWIR technology allows you to take advantage of both the visible and invisible spectrum with an 8.2 mm diagonal, approx. 1.34 effective megapixel SWIR image sensor.

  • Supporting a seamless image shooting which covers a wider range from visible light (400nm) to near-infrared(1700nm)
  • Realizing a high-resolution image shooting(1280(H)X1024(V) with 1.3MP resolution(SXGA)
  • Realizing the refining of inspection precision with up to 5μm pixel size
  • Supporting both GigE and CameraLink interface.

NOTE: SenSWIR and Polarsensare trademarks of Sony Corporation.

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