NOTA – USB3 compact cameras. New Alkeria USB3 compact camera family.

June 13, 2024

Alkeria, Italian machine vision camera manufacturer, is pleased to introduce NOTA, a whole new area-scan USB3 compact camera family designed for performance and flexibility.

The little heir of Alkeria high-end cameras draws on twenty years of camera design expertise to deliver superior image quality in a solid and compact yet cost-effective form factor for industrial applications.

NOTA is the perfect combination between the well-proven platform of the single USB3 cameras of CELERA One, with extreme flexibility and quick system integration for those applications requiring nothing but the highest quality and extreme speed, and the affordability, ultracompact, and easy-to-integrate features of board-level cameras of ARIA series. NOTA is available as standard in full housing format with a C-mount lens adapter, and also in board-level format without any lens adapter.

NOTA features a wide range of color and mono high-performance SONY Pregius™ CMOS global-shutter sensors in a new and compact form factor, still offering all the benefits and full potential of Alkeria’s cameras: onboard image preprocessing, a powerful I/O interface, a robust case, and extensive customization options to meet the needs of the most demanding and specialized applications, while maintaining the ease of use typical of Alkeria’s cameras.

Equipped with an industry-standard USB3.2gen1 interface, with up to 5Gbps of bandwidth, ensures high performance and superior image quality with up to 161 FPS at full resolution, all without the need for external power adapters.

NOTA is GenICam GenTL compliant and comes with a comprehensive SDK for Windows and Linux, featuring a sample player and a rich list of code samples in the most common languages (Python, C#, VB, C++ - Visual Studio/Qt environments). Alkeria SDK is fully compatible with Cognex VisionPro, MVTech Halcon, NI LabView, and most major machine vision software for industrial applications. A perfect match for embedded computing platforms such as Jetson Nano, Jetson Orin, and RaspberryPI.

NOTA provides a versatile I/O interface to manage external control devices, such as strobe lights and encoders: 3 I/O (LV-CMOS, LV-TTL), plus 1 input and 1 output (both +24VDC optoisolated) for great versatility in complex systems.

With a competitive price list, superior performance, and unparalleled quality, NOTA extends Alkeria's offer to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, in terms of quality and ease of use.

The new camera family made its debut at SPS Italia 2024 in Parma.

Experience the possibilities that NOTA can unlock for you today!

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