White Paper: Solving Big Vision Challenges With a Small Vision Solution

Sept. 18, 2023

Embedded systems require a compact and light weight imaging solution. Due to the potentially limiting size an embedded system can occupy on its own, it can be difficult to incrementally fit in a camera system. However, there are camera options that have a lighter and minimalistic design.

Industrial cameras normally have protective enclosures that can be problematic when adding a camera to a vision system where space is tight. For many devices it can be difficult to integrate an enclosed camera if there are already predetermined dimensions that a camera will need to fit based on existing designs. Additionally, for many applications that use embedded systems, weight is a key factor due to limitations on mechanical and electrical equipment.

Although in some of these cases, it could be useful to explore OEM options for custom enclosures or find ways to remove parts of the surrounding material on the camera to reduce the size, board level cameras are a simpler and more cost-effective way to overcome these challenges. Without the added weight of an enclosure and the reduced size of just having a sensor exposed on the PCB, a camera can be adapted to many applications where it might not typically fit. This document will cover various reasons why board level cameras can make a difference in a vision system, applications for board level cameras, and explore some board level camera options available on the market.