Rhonda Software has released a GMSL2 Camera EVK to help accelerate time to market for custom camera development

July 10, 2023

With the growing demand for embedded vision, higher data transmission rates and integrated processes, Rhonda Software has released a GMSL2 Camera EVK to help accelerate time to market for custom camera development.

Standard image sensor interfaces (like MIPI CSI-2) have tight restrictions and allow placing SoC just in 10-15cm apart due to signal integrity requirements. High-speed digital signals are subject to issues like noise, distortion and loss over long distances. In case of image sensors, even short flex cable can cause significant signal quality degradation. Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) solution from Analog Devices (former Maxim Integrated) helps to address signal integrity issues for complex camera designs, such as:

- camera sensors connected to an SoC, and that SoC has only one interface for connection;

- camera sensors connected to an SoC, but located meters apart;

- camera sensors and an SoC are located in different units;

- there is no place inside the camera housing for an SoC;

- remote LCD connected to an SoC.

Designing solutions with a SerDes is challenging, requiring both Electronic Engineering and Software / Driver effort to ensure operational excellency. Developing a SerDes camera design from scratch would most likely result in a longer project duration, impacting both the schedule and budget.

With decades of experience in imaging solutions, sensor driver development, and GMSL SerDes components, Rhonda Software is now offering off-the-shelf GMSL2 solutions that can be used with a flexible level of customization.

Rhonda GMSL2 Camera EVK features:

- End-to-end setup for video capture by a camera module, - GMSL2 transmission, processing on SoC and output to host device

- 4K@30 H.264 encoded video streaming via UVC

- Camera module is based on the Sony IMX577 optical module and GMSL2 serializer board

- Compute module is based on the Rhonda H22 SoM and GMSL2 deserializer board

- Up to 15m transmission distance via FAKRA-Z coaxial cable

Ambarella SoC makes the Camera EVK extra special

If you've worked on Ambarella processors before then you might be familiar with the H22 Video SoC's unique architecture, that minimizes H22 power consumption while maximizing performance. If you are not familiar with it, then it is good to mention that Ambarella is an exclusive semiconductor manufacturer with a specialization in intelligent camera applications, offering a proven path to mass production. The Rhonda GMSL2 Camera EVK is available on the Ambarella H22 SoC / Rhonda H22 SoM. 

About Rhonda Software: Rhonda Software is a camera design partner that provides custom camera development and computer vision integration, porting, and optimization services based on Ambarella SoCs. We develop camera platforms for the unique applications and pioneering projects of our clients, and help them deliver intelligent products to the automotive, transportation, mobile robotics, and other smart camera markets: www.rhondasoftware.com

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