DCM Sistemes announces a new multispectral and multisector ringlight

April 21, 2022

Discover the new AMS family, a low-angle diffuse series, which allows uniform illumination of highlights and defects without glare from the LEDs, designed with iBlueDrive technology.

The AMS2520A is available in multiwavelength version (with 4 sectors) or monocolor version (4 sectors or without independent working sectors).

Check out our latest video to discover all the specifications and options available in this new device or visit our product page to get to know all the technical specifications.

Outstanding features:

·      iBlueDrive tech

·       8 wavelengths

·       4 sectors

·       1 device

·       Size: 273 x x273 x 56mm

·       Inner diameter: 200mm

·       Weight: 2960g

·       1 cable – 3 pins

Multiwavelength version:

This multisector and multispectral ring has 4 independent sectors and the possibility of combining up to 8 colors. The wavelengths which are included in the standard version (C01) are the following, but other colors and combinations are possible.

Monochrome version:

This device in its monocolor version has the multisector option (4 sectors) as an available modifier. The standard available wavelengths are shown below but others can be used on request.

This device is also available in 455nm (indigo), 730nm (cherry) and 940nm (infrared+) wavelengths on request. For other wavelengths, check availability.

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