The new LUMIMAX® ML series: Efficiency and cost savings due to its modular design

Dec. 1, 2023

Suhl, December 2023. With LED Area Lights in the ML series, LUMIMAX® now has a new universal lighting concept in its product range. Whilst on first glance it looks like a simple area light for Machine Vision applications, it is actually the foundation for far more complex lighting solutions. The modular design enables size, form, and light characteristics to be tailored individually without additional expense for development purposes. Furthermore, the concept allows for illumination sizes of up to 1 m² and more, making it ideal for particularly large test objects and complex test applications.

The LUMIMAX® business unit has already created several lighting solutions for industrial image processing within the 25-year history of iiM AG. The versatile standard product range with many different illumination geometries and configurations is one part of it. They are available in extremely short delivery times by using standardised components and processes. Customer-specific specialist products are also developed alongside it, allowing application-specific requirements regarding sizes, light characteristics, durability etc. to be executed. Depending on the complexity and development cost, such products are generally costly and require a great deal of time.

The ML range of Area Lights fills the gap between readily available standard products and intricate special products. Its modular design makes it possible to design customised lighting solutions without requiring a great deal of time or sky-high development and procurement costs. Furthermore, the design allows for illumination sizes of up to 1 m² and more. This enables considerably larger test areas to be reliably illuminated than ever before, even from greater distances.

The length and width of the lighting can be freely customised in 50 mm increments. Alongside simple square and rectangular designs, it is possible to create special shapes such as L-shapes, U-shapes or frame lighting with a rectangular gap. Classic round camera holes can also be flexibly positioned in the light field. For example, complete test stations including several cameras can be illuminated evenly with the aid of a large area light. The arrangement of the LEDs ensures the homogeneity of the whole light field right up to the very edges of the light.

The housing is made of aluminium profiles instead of fully milled aluminium assemblies, meaning greater flexibility as well as considerably less weight relative to comparable illumination sizes. This, in combination with the circumferential T-shaped groove (size 5), simplifies handling as well as mechanical integration into industrial environments, even with larger lighting areas. Electrical commissioning is simple whilst saving resources thanks to the integrated controller technology, as well as the standardised M16 push-in connectors. Like the output, switch signals can also be provided via a single cable. Even with larger lighting areas, high light outputs can provide bright, highly contrasting images and therefore ensure reliable, reproducible implementation of test applications.

In order to keep all options in mind, a range of product configurations can be seen on our website, which you can use to perform many typical test applications. In addition, many adjustments can also be made to your specific machine vision applications. Simply get in touch with our sales team, including our no-obligation enquiry form:

About iiM AG

iiM AG measurement + engineering is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, high- performance products for industrial image processing. Based in Suhl, Germany, we develop and manufacture high-performance and highly functional LED illumination under the LUMIMAX® brand for Machine Vision applications in a very wide range of industrial sectors, including automotive, semiconductor, pharma, and the food and beverage industry. A further department develops and markets special measuring technology and peripherals for the cable and wire industry to record geometric features, particularly on insulating covers and cable sheathing, in accordance with standards. A team of over 70 engineers, technicians and skilled workers assists our customers as a partner when realising their challenges. Certified in accordance with Global Certificate ISO 9001:2015 by DEKRA, iiM AG guarantees quality at the highest level.

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