We are proud to announce the new version of our revolutionary iBlueDrive technology

March 16, 2021

The iBlueDrive technology allows a total lighting control, either working in continuous or strobe mode and no worry if your set up is very complex as all you will need is to connect all your light to the camera with a simple cable of only 3 wires.

No configurations will be needed for most applications. The intelligent working mode will set up for you the settings for most demands. But if you need a total working control you can set up each parameter from our free Control Manager software.

If needed we offer easy code examples to integrate the light control into your software. Also available some free example codes in C# and Phyton to integrate iBlueDrive light control into your own software.

Now the new version includes a new functionality that We’ve called “Bulk trigger” an easy tool for making sequences, with different lights or with sectorized lights. Very useful for Photometric stereo and multispectral applications.

An intuitive Wizard will guide you through the configuration of all your lights to set up the Photometric stereo or multispectral application.

Outstanding features:

▪ Automatic strobe, powered, continuous working mode.

▪ Easy wiring. Only three terminals.

▪ Direct connection to camera or trigger signal.

▪ Automatic NPN or PNP detection.

▪ No configuration needed. Pre-set to shutter speeds of up to 47 pulses per second (pps).

▪ Shutter speed up to 5000 Hz.

▪ Fast pulses, from 10μs to 20ms in 2μs steps.

▪ Less than 50μs turn-on delay.

▪ Less than 3μs slope time to switching.

▪ Easy dimming control in all modes from 0% to 100%.

▪ Configuration offline and online. Set power output, pulse width, delays, etc. with intuitive software.

▪ Bulk trigger with 16 steps max. for photometric stereo and multi-spectral applications

▪ 16 memory banks for power outputs pre-sets.

▪ Adjustable digital filter for input trigger to avoid noise in wires.

▪ Reversed powered and thermal protected.

▪ State feedback.

▪ Device and driver temperature feedback.

▪ Real input voltage feedback.

Available free Windows software with Bulk-Trigger wizard and backup utility!

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