Coaxlink CXP-12 range, CoaXPress frame grabbers for computer vision (V160EN)

Feb. 20, 2023
Acquire images from the fastest and highest resolution CoaXPress cameras available with the Euresys Coaxlink CXP-12 series. Euresys Coaxlink CXP-12 frame grabbers are available for 1, 2, and 4 CoaXPress 2.0 connections. The Coaxlink CXP-12 family is now extended with the - Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 DF for the distribution of heavier processing workloads on multiple host PCs - Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 Value for applications not requiring the full on-board Custom Logic. These frame grabbers provide a lot of processing power. As a single CXP-12 connection provides more bandwidth than Camera Link Full, they are a perfect upgrade for most applications. In addition, the Coaxlink CXP-12 range supports extra-long 40-meter cables, just using standard coaxial cables. MORE INFO ➤