New Lautrec LT-312 extends Enciris Ultra HD 4K video capture range with dual HDMI inputs and real-time overlay

Feb. 14, 2023

Gaillac, France – 10th February 2023 – Enciris Technologies announced today the launch and production availability* of the Lautrec LT-312 video acquisition card featuring Ultra HD 4K up to 60fps, dual HDMI 4K inputs, 3D, 10-bit video processing, less than one frame latency, PCIe 4xGen 2 bus and a direct HDMI 4K output with integrated overlay function. This complements the previously released LT-311 product, offering four 12G SDI inputs.

The LT-300 series includes overlay features for text, shape(s) and image injection with alpha blending, allowing customers to inject their own overlays and templates onto the incoming video streams and view this both on the HDMI direct out and via the host. Colour space conversion and colour adjustment are also provided. The product range is ideally suited to Medical, Aerospace, Industrial, Military and other real-time and high-reliability applications.

The family also includes support for the new Enciris-Empowered API with simultaneous multi-channel capture for Windows, Linux, Direct Show, Python, C++, C#, .NET and Golang. The new API runs as a service and reduces time to market due to the fact that typical customer use-cases are less than 100 lines of code.

Extended temperature versions of the board are available on request. The LT-312 consumes less than 12 Watts offering efficient operation contributing to your low power system.*The LT-312 is Sampling Now, Production availability is for early Q2/2023.

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