Lens Distortion Removal for Infrared Cameras

April 10, 2024

Kerpen, GERMANY, March 31, 2024 - Image Engineering GmbH & Co KG has released GEOCAL IR, a DOE-based device that measures lens distortion in NIR optical systems. GEOCAL IR uses a 935nm laser, a beam expander, and a Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) to project a dense grid of points into a digital camera. The resulting grid image is used to determine OpenCV lens distortion coefficients so that lens distortion can be removed. Other lens models besides those supported in OpenCV are also available.

While checkerboards have been used for this purpose, GEOCAL IR is more efficient, faster, and more versatile. GEOCAL IR can cover a wide range of camera FoVs (Fields of View) without the need to change test charts and lighting. GEOCAL is compact, able to sit on a lab table, does not require space for additional lighting, and does not require reconfiguration when capturing distortion data for cameras with different FoVs.

GEOCAL IR joins two other products in the GEOCAL family: the original GEOCAL and GEOCAL XL which are targeted for visible applications using a 633nm laser. The original GEOCAL features a 77mm DOE window for compact lenses used in cellphone and ADAS cameras, while the GEOCAL XL features a 155mm window for large lenses, such as those found in cameras for aerial/space photogrammetry and motion picture special effects production. 

For more information, please see the GEOCAL webpage, https://image-engineering.de/products/equipment/measurement-devices/1071-geocal or contact Image Engineering USA Inc. at [email protected].

About Image Engineering USA Inc
Founded in 1995, Image Engineering is the world’s leading manufacturer of image quality test equipment. Our test charts, analysis software, measurement, and illumination devices provide companies with the means to accurately test and evaluate the image quality of their cameras.
Image Engineering serves customers in a wide range of markets including mobile phone, automotive and ADAS systems, security, broadcast, machine vision, medical, and scanning & archiving. Image Engineering is also home to one of the largest independent digital camera test labs in the world, testing according to ISO standard wherever possible.

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