Embark on a journey into precision optics with Avantier, your trusted provider of optical solutions. With over 50 years of expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of materials, cutting-edge production facilities, advanced metrology equipment, and bespoke optical components.

Delve into the world of CNC Machining, a cornerstone of our advanced manufacturing capabilities. Our in-house Brother Speedio S500X1 is a standout performer in CNC milling, CNC turning (lathe), tapping, and more. Renowned for its high feed rate and precision, this 3-axis machine is the heart of our optical production.

The 3-axis rotation of our Brother Speedio S500X1 excels at crafting optical system enclosures, housings, breadboards, hardware, and more. Its high-speed and highly accurate three-dimensional machining ensure exceptional productivity for precision and heavy-duty tasks.

Equipped with a high-speed spindle boasting a maximum rotation of 27,000 rpm, our CNC machine ensures efficient material removal and rapid machining cycles. Its 3-axis configuration and ample tool capacity make it versatile and efficient in handling diverse machining tasks.

Whether you're interested in learning about optical manufacturing or exploring the possibilities for your custom optical needs, this video provides valuable insights into our capabilities at Avantier.

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