Biomechanical high speed capture solution.

Portable computer with 4 HD cameras at 330 fps.
Portable computer with 4 HD cameras at 330 fps.

Montreal, February 23, 2015
Press release from NorPix, Inc.

Norpix introduces a new portable 4 camera high speed recording system for Biomechanical applications.
This new top of the line StreamPix based recording system can record from 4 synchronized cameras at speeds of up to 330 frames per second and a resolution of 2048 x 1088 in 8 bit format.
Ideal for various applications in the field of biomechanics.
-    Motion Capture
-    Sports Biomechanics
-    Animal Science
-    Ergonomics
-    Kinematics
-    Equine Biomechanics

-    Portable system for outdoor use.
-    Record from 4 cameras at 2048 x 1088 x 330 fps each.
-    Synchronized acquisition with GPS or IRIG B data.
-    DAQ analog data capture.
-    10 GigE Vision for long cable lengths.
-    Pressure matts from Novel with triggering for start stop operation.

About NorPix, Inc.
Established in 1999, NorPix is the leading developer of digital video recording software for the life science, machine vision, image analysis, special effects and mapping industry. Our flagship StreamPix software is the industry’s leading DVR solution.  NorPix is based in Montreal, Canada.

For more information contact:
Luc Nocente
Tel :   1-514-824-2517
NorPix, Inc
1751 Richardson, Suite 6117
Montreal, QC, H3K 1G6

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