Next-Generation Metrology Facilitates Next-Generation Displays Article

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Impressive advances in production technology have created high-density displays operating over wide color gamuts, but what is built must be tested, and improved production requires improved metrology.  Color presents a particularly challenging metrology problem because even high-quality color cameras are not traceable to spectral standards.  Spectrometers provide accurate color information but without the spatial resolution required to faithfully capture display color quality.  As described in this article, the author’s team assembled an instrument that combines the strengths of both spectrometers and high-quality cameras to provide rapid and reliable metrology for color displays.

by Peter Notermans and Nathan Cohen

In an increasingly cost-driven market, display manufacturers continue to innovate, searching for performance advantages that distinguish their products.  Extraordinary color quality is high on the list of potential discriminators.  The higher the quality of a display, the tighter the requirements on its metrology.  Research-grade equipment can measure display characteristics with high fidelity, but the cost is high and the measurement time is long.  Alternatively, manufacturers can have trained employees qualitatively inspect their displays prior to shipment – but that approach introduces inconsistency at the very end of the production pipeline.

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