Easy3D Library

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- 3D Laser Line Extraction into a depth map

- Point cloud calibration and management

- ZMap generation and management

- Interactive 3D display with the 3D Viewer

- 3D processing functions

Easy3D is able to generate a depth map from a series of images that contain a laser line projected on the inspected object. Each pixel of the resulting depth map contains the position of the laser line in the image. Some processing can be performed directly on a depth map. However, most 3D measurements need distortion-free data and metric representations, therefore calibrating the laser triangulation setup is required. It  computes a calibration model applied to depth maps to transform them into calibrated 3D point clouds. This calibration model is based on the depth map of a reference object, acquired using the laser triangulation setup that needs calibration. After calibration, the 3D point cloud contains distortion-free data using a real-world 3D coordinate system. Process 3D point clouds using Easy3D functions such as coordinates transformation, point cloud cropping and decimation, plane finding and fitting or part alignment. A 3D object is a geometric representation of a 3D surface, defined by a triangle mesh connecting 3D points. Like point clouds, 3D objects contain metric coordinates, are generated from depth maps and can produce ZMaps. A ZMap is the projection of a point cloud or a 3D object onto a reference plane, with the distance to that plane coded as grayscale values. Easy3D provides functions to generate such ZMaps. More importantly, you can apply all Open eVision 2D processing functions to ZMaps: filtering and thresholding with EasyImage, blob analysis with EasyObject, sub-pixel measurement with EasyGauge, pattern matching with EasyFind and EasyMatch…
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