Top Selling Chinese Industrial Digital Cameras


The Mercury family CCD/ CMOS cameras target at industrial machine vision applications, the Mercury family cameras are covered with full metal case and equipped with cable locking devices. Thanks to compact size and light weight, the Mercury family cameras can be easily deployed under various industrial circumstances or integrated into automatic devices like robot arms to accomplish machine vision tasks like locating, measuring, defect detecting, object recognizing, etc.


With the MER series, you can choose from the most popular data interfaces in the vision market: the popular Gigabit Ethernet interface with 100-meter cable length, the new USB 3.0 interface with plug and play capability,and the USB2.0 Interface with plug and play capability. All Daheng MER cameras come with an option to provide camera power and data via a single cable. They also offer separate input/output ports for triggering or flash control. The Mercury family comes with a long list of firmware features.

 Ultra small,  light and robust

 One input and one output with opto-isolated, two programmable GPIO

 Support Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0, USB2.0

 A wide range of models available, support various CCD and CMOS sensors

 Meet CE, RoHS and FCC standards

 Support GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, GenlCam and third-party software like HALCON and Labview

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