UV Enhanced Large Square Photodetector (190-400nm) - UVG 100

Sept. 29, 2017
Opto Diode Introduces UVG100 Photodiode with 100 mm(2) Active AreaOpto Diode's new photodetector features excellent ultraviolet (UV) response with a 100 mm2 active area. Shipped with a temporary protective cover plate, the device delivers an unsurpassed 100 percent internal quantum efficiency (QE). After exposure to megajoules/cm2, the UVG100 showed less than 2 percent responsivity loss.All of Opto Diode’s IRD products are designed for long-lifetime operation in highparticle,flux environments with no loss of responsivity. The new UVG100 absolutephotodiode features advanced performance with extremely high radiation hardness.The proprietary oxynitride front window ensures successful operation withoutperformance degradation that often occurs with high humidity and other undesirableenvironmental conditions.Responsivity under test conditions at 254 nm, is a minimum of 0.08, typical 0.09, andmaximum 0.13 A/W. The rise time at 10V is a maximum of 10 microseconds. Theshunt resistance at ± 10 mV is a minimum of 20 MOhms; the reverse breakdownvoltage is typically 10 Volts; the capacitance is typically 10 nanofarads (nF) with amaximum of 20 nF.